Breakfast starts at 6:30 and ends at 10:30 am .Similarly there are fixed timings for Lunch and Dinner Buffets .Please confirm with Hotel authorities at their given contact number to be able to reach in time

As per the Hotel policies for pets .Some hotels are pet friendly and some Hotels charge fee as applicable .Please check with Hotel authorities before your arrival

Only guest who are staying in Hotels can use the Fitness Cantres .Visiting guests will be charged as per the applicable fitness centre policies.

Yes, the hotel offers premium Wi-Fi for up to five devices. It is included in the daily Hotel Facility Fee.

Unless otherwise noted, you may cancel an upcoming order 24 hours in advance of your arrival.

It will be transacted back to your account /card form where the transaction had taken place.

Meals for children up to 6 years are complimentary (applicable on buffet meals or as per the parent’s meal plan, not on à la carte menu). For children between 6-12 years, a meal is at 50% of the parent’s meal, and for children above 12 years, meal is at full charge. Please check with Hotel authorities before arrival at the venue.